Christy Hunter Photography | About


Photography is a way to let out my creative energy. I have vision and a passion to create images with their own style. I've always been a person who appreciates art and creativity. Ever since I was in middle school I took an art class. Even in college I took drawing classes, even though they weren't part of my degree program. My analytically side preferred logical thinking so I earned two associates degrees in computer programming. Eventually I earned a BS in Management Information Systems even though it wasn't what I really desired. One year I made a New Year's Resolution to really study photography. That decision has led me down this road.

I'm mostly a landscape/architectural photographer, but occasionally photograph events.  The best events are the ones when I get to interact with the people and I sort of end up becoming part of the event.  Sorry, I do not do any portrait sessions or weddings, but I can be hired to photograph certain subject matter. 

I'm glad to share my work with you. May it bring you some happy thoughts or a smile or two.