Christy Hunter Photography | Real Estate Photography

Current pricing.  These are basic fees and a starting point.  Additional photographs and photo editing can be added for an additional fee.  

Real Estate Photography Services (2017):
Up to 1500 sq. ft.           $100.00     
1500 to 2400 sq. ft.        $125.00     
2400 to 3500 sq. ft.        $150.00     
3500 to 4600 sq. ft.        $200.00     
4600 to 5700 sq. ft.        $300.00     
Houses larger than 5700 sq. ft. - fee is based on size and need.

Any service has a minimum fee of $100. 

Travel Fee:

I live in Arlington, TN.  Any location beyond 40 minutes will have a $25 or more travel fee depending on distance.

Turn around time - as much as possible, within 24-48 hours.  So far I've been able to get photos done within 24 hours.

Commercial Real Estate:
Price determined by need.  Minimum fee of $150.


Interior Design Photography:

Minimum fee $100.  Total cost determined by photo needs.

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